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Introducing Stratechia

What We Offer

Stratechia helps your team work from the inside out to balance and blend a tailored dose of existing, emerging and experimental approaches to create the best paths forward. All of our services share a common element:

Unique engagements custom-tailored to fit your culture and challenge.

6 Core Services

Strategy Development

Strategy is about making winning choices. We use the Playing to Win strategic framework to help you develop unique answers to the two key questions at the heart of any winning strategy: where to play and how to win. We then help you test your assumptions, increasing your odds of success.

Strategy Alignment

Getting a winning strategy to permeate and drive the entire organization is no easy feat. Successful deployment rests on the ability to achieve cross-company alignment. We believe the best mechanism for doing that is Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), made popular by Kleiner Perkins chairman John Doerr, and adopted by the likes of Google and Amazon.

Customer Experience

In today’s hypercompetitive world, business success is increasingly dependent on your ability to deliver a unique and compelling customer experience. Our proprietary Customer Experience System (CES) is a powerful turnkey approach to measuring, mapping, and managing your customers’ journey through all of their interactions with your company. We help you better understand your customers, choreograph unique experiences, and build enduring relationships.

Innovation Management

Profitable growth requires a continuously flowing innovation pipeline, which in turn demands an ethos of lab-like curiosity supported by a simple, fast and frugal experimentation method. Our proprietary Strategic Innovation System (SIS) provides a total innovation management framework designed to repeatedly and consistently guide creative concepts from inception to launch, regardless of whether the idea is internally or externally focused.

Lean Operations

After nearly a decade of working with Toyota, we have mastered the authentic operating principles behind the vaunted Toyota Production System. Our approach centers on making more room for what truly matters by eliminating what doesn’t. It’s a lean and subtractive approach to kaizen — continuously improving and simplifying even your most complicated workflows.


Winning ideas remain just that until they are brought to market. Whether you’re launching a new product, a new business, or entering a new market, a solid go-to-market strategy can be the difference between winning and losing. We work closely and confidentially with you to ensure that your business concepts take flight.

3 Enabling Services


We offer a variety of training courses to build competitive capability inside your organization. While our engagements often have training built in, you may wish to offer standalone skills training in our various frameworks:

  • Playing to Win
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Thinking


Break is the important part of breakthrough. When a well-worn pattern is broken, creativity emerges. It is the broken pattern that makes us sit up, take notice, and pay attention. We think differently, more freely, more resourcefully, when a break occurs.

Enter Stratechia events. Whatever the format — summits, sprints, hackathons, offsites — we design purposeful breaks that produce the kind of creative breakthroughs that lead to growth.


Inspiration for elegant solutions doesn’t come from locked-room brainstorming sessions. It comes from simply getting out more.

While we appreciate arms-length quantitative research, we know that unmet customer needs often lie beneath the surface. There is no substitute for deep customer empathy and understanding, so we employ the best discovery techniques to reveal those insights, guiding your teams through up-close field observation and engaging interviews with real people.

Strategy is an integrated cascade of choices that uniquely positions a player in its market to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition.
coauthor, Playing to Win

Who We Are

When three true professionals with uniquely complementary talents decided to join forces after over thirty years of pursuing separate but related paths, sparks flew. A new and different kind of hybrid strategy studio was born.

Matthew May



Deirdre Borrego



John Humphrey



The Stratechia Way


We exist to help our clients profitably grow to market leadership by catalyzing and coaching the internal creativity and capabilities that often lie dormant, hidden, or even locked away.


We aim our blend of strategic and creative services toward our passion: technology-oriented businesses, including the automotive, advertising, biologic, digital, financial, medical, and mobile technology spaces.


Unlike traditional strategy consulting firms that sell you back your own ideas derived and repackaged from a long, drawn-out interview process, we facilitate your best thinking real-time from the inside out in workshops using our proprietary Framestorm™ method, typically in one-tenth the time and at one-fourth the cost.


Gone are the halcyon days of in-depth analysis and three-year plans. The pace of change today renders traditional approaches to strategy and innovation irrelevant. Our nearly century of combined experience in traditional advisory spaces gives rise to a unique hybrid blend of strategic, creative, and information expertise.

Our clients benefit from the best of several worlds.


  • elegance rules

    maximum effect with minimum means

  • choices, not plans

    strategy is about making choices, especially what not to do

  • frame first

    difficult challenges demand intelligent framing

  • test everything

    every great idea is but a hypothesis when first conceived


What appears to be the problem, isn't.
What appears to be the solution, isn't.
What appears to be impossible, isn't.
author, Winning the Brain Game


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