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Stratechia is a Los Angeles-based strategic advisory service focused on helping tech-centric companies create superior value and sustainable competitive advantage through Lean Scale-Up strategies.

Our clients retain us to help  them identify and remove obstacles to growth, agility, and scale. We act as a small strategic strike force using our Toyota-born and bred “Lean” expertise to guide leaders and their teams to quickly formulate winning strategies, improve customer experience, deliver rapid innovation, and optimize critical processes.

We offer an exclusive portfolio of virtual workshop sessions featuring a compelling blend of engaging facilitation methods, powerful business frameworks, and proprietary tools designed to draw out our clients’ best thinking, develop solutions to their toughest problems, and rapidly transform their business.

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Lean centers on a singular “North Star” mission: Wipe Out Waste.

Companies in the scale-up stage are often fraught with waste simply because growth has outpaced development of operational controls needed to sustain the business into the future.

Enter the Lean Scale-Up method, which addresses one or more of four primary challenge spaces that we typically see preventing exponential yet sustainably profitable growth.

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Engagements Guide

Challenge Space:

• Sluggish market moves
• Companywide misalignment
• Encroaching competitive threat

Lean Strategy

Utilize Playing-to-Win strategic choicemaking framework to formulate, align, and rollout strategy from top to bottom.

Challenge Space:

• Waning adoption
• Feature commoditization
• Anemic innovation pipeline

Lean Product Design

Utilize Design Thinking framework and tools to rapidly design, develop and test new products and services, or redesign existing ones.

Challenge Space:

• Poor customer experience
• Retention/renewal difficulty
• Undelivered customer outcomes

Lean Journey Mapping

Utilize Jobs-To-Be-Done framework to develop current and future customer journey maps for key customer/user profiles.

Challenge Space:

• Excessive time to value
• Obstructed value stream
• Ineffective/inefficient workflows

Lean Process Optimization

Utilize Lean Kaizen framework for continuous improvement to map, analyze and simplify wasteful value stream workflows.
Waste is an insatiable beast that bloats your ranks, drains your resources, and leaves you vulnerable to a leaner offering.
Matthew E. May
author, The Elegant Solution


All of our sessions share a common element:
Unique, advisor-led, time-bound experiences custom-tailored to fit your company, culture and challenge.

We integrate the most powerful business frameworks into proprietary visual canvases (now digital for remote sessions) supported by a master facilitator. This allows us to leverage your knowledge and expertise while simultaneously drawing out your best thinking. Inevitably, our method produces winning strategies and solutions in a fraction of the time and cost of more traditional consulting approaches.
And, buy-in is built-in!

The Stratechia Difference

There is no dirth of so-called Lean “experts.” Few are those that carry the authentic badge of being trained by the originators of the discipline: Toyota. Fewer still can claim the 10,000 hours required to achieve true mastery.

Our methods and tools were honed over nearly a decade of business residency and integral involvement with Toyota, with several hundreds of continuous improvement cycles and kaizen sessions completed across dozens of functions and domains, from design and engineering to sales and service. There are simply no substitutes for this kind of deep experiential learning…no amount of secondary knowledge or derivative education or scholarly research.

That’s the Stratechia difference: a unique and unfair advantage that only our clients may exploit.

Primary Workshops

Lean Process Optimization

Nearly a decade of embedded partnership with Toyota accounts for our mastery of the authentic operating principles, practices and tools of what is widely accepted as the genetic source of the Lean way: the vaunted Toyota Production System (TPS). Every Lean Process Optimization engagement begins with simulated TPS experience, which sets the stage for what follows.

By far our most measurably impactful offering, Lean Process Optimization centers on making more room for what truly matters to customers and colleagues by surgically eliminating what doesn’t. It’s a lean and subtractive approach to kaizen — aka continuous improvement — relentlessly removing wasteful and ineffective steps and activities to ultimately simplify even the most complicated and bloated workflows.

We begin with a targeted effort focused on the most pressing and relevant issues in critical processes that are impeding customer value and company scale. We guide teams every step of the way to map, analyze and quickly test minimally viable solutions to ensure validity before standardization.

Finally, we help clients wishing to embed Lean Process Optimization as core capability in their organizations do just that.

Lean Strategy Sync

Strategy is about making winning choices. We use the Playing to Win strategic choice-making framework — learned and mastered under a close mentorship with creator Roger Martin — to help you develop unique and defensible answers to the two key choices at the heart of any winning strategy: where to play and how to win. We then help you test your assumptions, further increasing your odds of success.

Still, getting a winning strategy to permeate and drive the entire organization is no easy feat. Successful deployment rests on the ability to achieve cross-company alignment. Once proof of concept is achieved, we’ll help you with strategy rollout, using the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework adopted by the likes of Amazon and Google.

Lean Journey Mapping

In today’s hyper-competitive world, customer loyalty — measured by share, recurring revenue and Net Promoter Score —  is highly dependent on the ability of the entire company to deliver a unique and compelling customer experience at every key touchpoint, from pre-sales to renewals.

We use the compelling Jobs To Be Done framework to guide the mapping of your customers’ journey through all of their interactions with your company, in turn enabling you to design and choreograph signature experiences and build enduring relationships.

Lean Product Design

Profitable growth requires a continuously flowing innovation pipeline, which in turn demands an ethos of lab-like curiosity supported by a simple, fast and frugal experimentation method.

We use the Design Thinking sprint framework for identifying and working backwards from customer needs to quickly guide creative concepts from inception to launch, regardless of whether the idea is internally or externally focused.

Strategy is about making choices. To win, you must choose to do some things and not do others.
coauthor, Playing to Win


Founder Matthew E. May launched Stratechia in 2019 with partners John Humphrey and Deirdre Borrego, with a simple strategy in mind: be recognized as one of the best in the world at helping senior leaders of technology-forward companies pull out the best thinking in their organizations by blending a deep knowledge of the best business frameworks on the planet with proprietary visual tools and a unique facilitation method.
Matthew is a recognized thought leader on business strategy, human-centered innovation, and lean operations. Influenced by nearly a decade spent as a full-time advisor to Toyota, he is the author of 5 books, including bestselling The Elegant SolutionThe Laws of Subtraction, and Winning the Brain Game. His articles have appeared in publications such as The New York TimesHBR, and Fast Company. He holds an MBA from Wharton and a BA from Johns Hopkins University.




Best-Selling Books

Stratechia founder Matthew E. May began his award-winning publishing career in 2006, with the publication of the world’s first book on Toyota’s approach to innovation, written from an insider’s perspective. Each book in the library focuses on the different thought processes required to develop elegant solutions to difficult problems of strategy, innovation, design, and leadership.
All books are available in multiple formats on
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