Critical Capability Checkups

Competitive Strategy • Customer Experience • Lean Operations

To find where you are going, you must know where you are.

Get Your Bearings

Our work with dozens of the world’s best known tech-forward organizations as well as many of the most valuable entrepreneurial startups in the world has generated insight into three critical companywide capabilities that account for nearly all of the performance differential between the best and the rest:

Competitive Strategy

Where to Play & How to Win

Customer Experience

Managing the Journey

Lean Operations

Simplifying Workflow
To help you better understand where your organization stands on these three critical capabilities, we have developed assessment tools to measure key elements and major facets of each of these important capabilities.
Each assessment produces an indexed score that serves as a FICO-like “credit rating.” Like a credit scores, each of our assessments is based on an index with 850 as the highest score possible.

Beyond the Score

Scores on report cards are great, but they don’t tell the whole story.
We offer a more robust diagnosis based on major factors and question-by-question evaluation, enabling you to better focus your efforts and prioritize resources as you begin to craft a strategy for your business transformation.
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